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A vastidão do território permite a coexistência de paixões tão diferentes como caminhadas e desportos motorizados. 4x4, moto, buggy ou quad, o desfrutar de uma variedade incomparável de terrenos (areia, lago salino planície, montanha), trabalhamos ainda com parceiros que tem veículos 4x4, os motoristas serão seus guias, irão acompanhá-lo através de vários dos passeios que efectuar, a descoberta de muitas paisagens contrastantes de Marrocos.


Ouzina Rimal um lugar para sonhar, viver e amar.

Nossa família está pronta para recebê-lo e cuidar do seu conforto seja bem vindo.

  • Discovery Day Saharan areas :

Loop under the sign of the desert, beautiful landscapes that remind us Saharan images of Rally Paris-Dakar , mostly off-trail through virgin areas , we have a picnic under the big acacia of the oasis Bourika, then we make a short stop at the ruins of the old village Bahallou , then we go south towards the village of Ramlia where we take a mint tea . We continue the trail east of Rally Dakar . We arrive late in the day in the heart of the desert to enjoy the sunset on the ocher dunes, night and musical evening at the Auberge Hotel OUZINA RIMAL.

  • Different Sahara Morocco landscapes Day :

After breakfast with views across the plains without limit! Delicious mix of colors: sand dunes , salt lakes dotted with bluish white or grey rocks Visit a very typical village and meet the locals . Discover the local arts grafts and a tea break / coffee. Then we continue our tour through the splendid gorges to reach a water source where we have picnic . By late afternoon , we return to the Auberge hotel Ouzina Rimal that will immerse you in a special atmosphere , different from other hotels by its staff.

Stars observatory in Sahara desert Ouzina

God created the desert to grow human souls in humility , patience , silence , wisdom of the sacred fire , feel the stillness of a thousand nights full of stars , deep blue skies, laborious hands, eating bread Sandy Taguella take you sitting next to you in the sand or in fine carpets marroquís.o typical eating light of the stars and the fire that you love a rich Couscous with vegetables, beans and lamb. And so it grew into the desire to meet , walk the Sahara Desert, or stand at the foot of the dunes, for romantic nights in Rimal Ouzina warm sand , winds of life , sleep in their tents in the desert Ouzina Rimal , turn the original and ancient campfire fulfill dreams , and see . watch the sunset a thousand times , count the stars , love under the starry sky of the desert, where the smiles of its inhabitants is life ceremony , where nature lives 'm silently screaming I love you , I have come to love .

Your child has the right to live with more civilization , even so they have something that the West have no love for what they see is a hidden paradise for the world ... the culture and love of the sacred fire is passionate , rescue culture his passion .... , defined features , its people are passionate, the trasnmiten from generation to generation. The submissive and captivating woman , men give wisdom , culture and love of the sacred fire ceremony live from soul to soul , desert night sky dreamed stars shining in the sky at your fingertips is passionate , sounds wind .

Smile its instrument of conquest , many nomads , others rooted in their ancestral lands. Rimal Ouzina paradise , full of human values ​​, where tradition is daily , where the great outdoors is conquering soul , desert, silence, stillness , sounds of wind , dunes, warm sand and the vastness of horizons at your feet ... carpets . Cauldrons lit pleasure, tea soft palate .

Morocco a place on the Atlantic coast , a place to live , a place for quiet conversation , a place to love with open eyes , my desire to meet soon , talk to the wind looking at the stars , there can say how much I love , great part is World Heritage by UNESCO, small towns ... saved in adobe walls , I love the desert , sunsets where full reddish sand gets wish , quiet sunrises , starry skies , wishes to fulfil.

Eternal love , something happened in his virtuosity Morocco flag has a star . The star is Solomon's seal (symbol of life , health and wisdom ) .

Rates excursions:

  • Camel Excursion : 1 hour …………………………..…………………………………………… 200dh/pax
  • Camel excursion departure auberge hotel half-day …………….………………. 400dh/pax
  • Camel excursion departure auberge hotel day ( with lunch) ………………. 600dh/pax
  • Camel tour with full board ( night in the desert )…………………………………. 900dh/pax
  • Tour in the desert with 4x4 : half day ( 4 persons ) …………………………. 800dh
  • Tour in the desert with 4x4 : a day ( 4 persons ) ……………………..……… 1200dh

Opportunity rates for study groups.

  •  Day discovered rock carvings, mines and fossil sites:

Departure in the morning after breakfast we sail through a cordon of dunes of Erg Ouzina throughout the foot of a black mountain , we get the first rock carvings Jdaid where we make a short stop to admire the palm of the village, then we continue the trail to another site of rock carvings near Taouz , passing over fossil sites ( with Orthoceras layers and crinoids ) , we also visit the seam 12 , and mines of lead, vanadinite , barite , then visit the ancient quoted from Ouafilal after we leave at East Village Begaa we visit a layer of Jurassic ( the fossilized bones and teeth of some animals ), we eat our picnic basket in an oasis , in the late afternoon return to Auberge hotel OUZINA RIMAL bye the Dakar track evening music .

Tours around OUZINA RIMAL,Morocco

  • Discovery - Tafilalet Rissani Day :

Departure after breakfast towards the Erg Chebbi and big dunes of Merzouga , arrived in the small town of Rissani the capital of Tafilalet countries dates, palm gardens and crafts . You are in the heart of Tafilalet which played an important economic role in the history of Morocco as on the road to gold and caravans from Sudan and Guinea . The day is devoted to visiting the large market (souk) Rissani, Ksar Oulad Abd Ilhim’visit and Ksar el Fida former residence of Sultan Moulay Abderrahmane Alawite witness Architecture ksours . Lunch with the Berber Pizza (speciality of Rissani), In the late afternoon return to the Auberge hotel OUZINA RIMAL , in evening music to the rhythm of the Tam-tam with mint tea.

  •  Discovery Day Ouzina village :

(After a full breakfast quietly on the terrace of the auberge hotel which provides a beautiful view of the ocher dunes. We will leave the track Rally Dakar eastward towards village Ouzina we will visit humanitarian projects made by the association for the Ouzina development and the environment in the village of Ouzina we share a mint tea , meeting with the local population then visit a female workshop where village women make beautiful carpets with Berber motifs and signs , then we continue the discovery of the village visit the gardens of palm trees and the ruins of an old Kasbah . At noon we eat a delicious pizza in the Berber family who runs the auberge hotel Ouzina Rimal, the afternoon we take a different track to return to the auberge Ouzina Rimal crossing a cordon of dunes at the foot of a black mountain rock, we enjoy the admiration of magical sunset on the big dunes we finally arrive at the hotel musical evening of rhythm Tam-tam and djembe .

  • Discovery day Merzouga and Ouzina salt lakes , oases :

Wake up early to watch the sunrise in the dunes ocher Ouzina departure to the southern foothills of the Sahara and met with the nomads of the desert with their herd of goats and camels . The operation of the life in the desert we discover with breaks in the Saharan villages and small inns to taste the true mint tea. After the picnic under the shade of acacia wadis (small rivers we run along) and learn to overcome them gradually. This is a very cool day, very quiet !

By late afternoon , we will regain the auberge hotel Ouzina Rimal where a fabulous encounter awaits you .